One bad Monday

It was Monday. I don’t normally hate Monday, but that Monday was my bad day. I came to work a bit upset to my staff for leaving the office door unlocked the other day when he was on duty. But there was a conversation that lead to a real bad day for me. It went like this:

Student A hit the keyboard hard enough that his friend, student B warned him.
Student A: “biarin, gua udah bayar mahal ini…”
Me (upset & offended): ” Emang karena kamu bayar mahal di sekolah ini, kamu berhak merusakkan fasilitas di sini?”
Student A:(with high voice): “Emangnya rusak? Saya gak gak ngerusakin..”
Me: “Ya, kalo cara seperti itu bisa rusak”
Student A: “Saya juga tahu cara pake komputer. Orang gak ada yang rusak juga..”

The rest of the conversation was not important. I was upset by the way he responded to my warning and by his general attitude. It’s not the first time he acted that way.  As if the amount he had paid for this school has given him the right to act the way he like. I usually just ignore him, but not today. He sit just next to my desk. Even his friends knew and gave him a warning about his behavior.

This made think more pessimistic about the plan of my boss. He told me that he would add more computers for library. With this kind of attitude, I’m not sure I can take a good control of all the facilities

23 February 2010


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